About our School Council


St Levan School Council are a democratically elected group of 6 children from across both classes who meet on most Thursday lunchtimes to discuss and implement ideas pupils have about their school and the wider community. The councillors record what was discussed and what the next steps will be. Sometimes, additional time is needed if a project is larger and the older council members help organise the younger members to achieve tasks, be it asking the student body for feedback, choosing prize winners or creating the slides needed for an assembly.

As a new idea for the summer term 2022, a new question will be set at each meeting. This question will then be taken back to each class and feedback will be given at the next meeting.

The School Councillors have a very important role as it is their responsibility to feedback information and ideas that have been decided at meetings, ask questions to ensure everyone’s opinions are heard on key issues and also to be there to listen to the view of their class at informal times.

Some activities undertaken by the Student Council

  •          Council walks to help decide what areas could be the next focus
  •          Working towards Eco schools award including looking at energy consumption at St Levan and how we could reduce this
  •          Taking and being shortlisted for funding to improve the play equipment in the playground
  •          Being involved with the interview process for perspective staff
  •          Gathering information from the student body to help inform future decisions
  •          Holding a competition to help improve the student toilets
  •          Running assemblies on British values and how to reduce the quantity of hand towels we are using
  •          Considering how we can reduce our use of single use plastic
The children take on their roles with great enthusiasm and professionalism and we are immensely proud of the work they do!

Two of the amazing speeches made by members of our Student Council!

I think I should be a Student Councillor because I’m a great organiser when it comes to many subjects and I can be emotionally intelligent and understand people. I have interesting and important ideas and I care, not only about my friends, but everybody and my teachers. I want St Levan to become a more powerful school and I love my school a lot. I will sort out problems well and will always look after school’s property. I will try my best to make things awesome!

S Year 5

Being a Student Councillor has been my dream since Year 1 and I still haven’t been it so it would be more than amazing if I got it. I would like to be a Student Councillor because I have ideas that I want to share because this school is amazing and before I leave, I want to make a difference to it. When I moved here, I felt really shy but everyone made me feel welcome and that I belonged: this is home. I want home to be the best it can be. I will try and solve any problems and listen and keep you updated. I have put my heart into this so please elect me for Student Councillor.

E Year 6


Student Council minutes and ideas. 
Student Council competition entries for a poster to remind everyone to flush the toilets!
As part of their ongoing focus on school improvement, Student Council asked everyone a series of questions in assembly. The outcomes will now feed into their plan for the summer term 2022.