Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)

“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” –Flora Lewis


Our overall intention is to nurture and develop our six qualities of learning which enable all children to shine…for life! We nurture and encourage creative, kind and resilient learners who are reflective, inquisitive and determined in all they do. Our intention is for learners at St Levan to know more and remember more in a Modern Foreign Language (specifically French) by learning about different cultures and how to understand and speak a different language.

To think like French speakers, learners at St Levan focus on our three subject specific characteristics which are:


o   I learn about different cultures


o   I can understand a different language


o   I can speak a different language

These three characteristics are woven throughout our Modern Foreign Language curriculum and are built upon as children progress through the school. This ensures that children acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, couched in concepts and language with which they have already become familiar.


We provide an engaging, characterful and balanced curriculum for all.


Our inclusive curriculum is carefully planned to allow for progress for all pupils in our two mixed age classes. We recognise the challenges of teaching a progression within a subject to a mixed age class and, having undertaken our own research and consulted subject specialists and organisations, developed our own pedagogy and created what we believe is the best fit for our setting. With a commitment to the removal of barriers to learning and participation, we offer high quality teaching and appropriate differentiation to meet the needs of all.

Awareness of different languages is first raised in KS1 by using greetings in a range of languages during register. KS1 pupils will learn a little Chinese during their geography topic on China. Likewise they learn Cornish words during their history topic on Cornwall. French is the Modern Foreign Language pupils learn at St. Levan to KS2 under current statutory requirements. As part of our transition programme, a Languages Teacher from our local secondary school delivers French to KS2 pupils on a regular basis via an outreach programme.

Please find below our Modern Foreign Languages Curriculum Progression documents and details of how we adapt our provision for pupils with SEND:

We interconnect learning opportunities with an enriched environment to promote a love of learning and the outdoors.

To allow for an engaging, characterful and balanced curriculum, Modern Foreign Language at St Levan involves role play in different social settings, in a shop, at a restaurant or asking directions, where children learn to converse in everyday French in a meaningful way. Their French follows the seasons and special occasions for example learning different weather types or writing letters to Father Christmas in French. This transition programme enables and ensures that as Year 6 leave primary and enter secondary school, they are in an equitable place with their language acquisition as peers from other primary schools. The basics are in place for secondary language specialists to build upon.  

We ensure children are supported within a kind and caring community which enables them to progress and flourish.



Assessment for learning (AfL)

This assessment is formative, ongoing and informs classroom practice and future planning. Through careful observation, listening and questioning, teachers glean what learners know and can do and plan next steps accordingly. Alongside learning language pupils also learn about how French culture differs from our own.

Assessment as learning (AaL)

This assessment is about how pupils self-regulate their own learning and develop metacognitive skills. Through structured peer and self-assessment activities, pupils understand their own needs as a learner and reflect on their own next steps. By taking ownership of their own learning, this can help pupils to know more and remember more. For example, in Modern Foreign Language, pupils may self-assess against their WALTs and WILFs and highlight what they can do. For example learning numbers, colours or common objects in French without referring to their aide memoire.

Assessment of learning (AoL)

This assessment is summative. At the end of a topic, pupils will be able to converse in French with a certain focus for example buying items in a shop.  


We aim for our children to be resilient, creative and kind individuals who are determined, inquisitive and reflective learners.
MFL in EYFS and KS1 looks like...