At St Levan School we recognise that parents/carers may choose other ways for their child or young person to engage in very effective, full-time, and suitable education. One way could be for them to request that our school considers entering into a Flexi-schooling arrangement.   We firmly believe that our Flexi-schooling provision can be an arrangement that is beneficial to all.

We believe that people learn in many different ways. At our school we provide a rich and varied learning environment that allows children to develop their skills and abilities to their full potential.

Our key aims for Flexi-schooled children also expand what we offer to our regular pupils and enhance the opportunities available to continue learning beyond the classroom and the school day.

Summarised - these points are what we offer all pupils:

  • the opportunity for children to have access to education within the school environment that extends into the home environment where desired and that it is compatible with their individual learning needs, views, values and beliefs
  • access to a happy, stimulating, secure and safe environment both in school and at home, that offers all children an equal opportunity to develop their own individual abilities and personalities, helping to unlock their potential
  • access to a bank of knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes and values of our broad and balanced curriculum, that fosters a lifelong love of learning, in a shared environment where pupils, parents and teachers can effectively work together, enhancing the education provision for all.
  • the opportunity for our children to share the positive benefits of different approaches to education delivery and to ensure a healthy respect for personal choice and a clear understanding and acceptance of others and their ideals
  • the opportunity to develop a responsible and independent attitude towards learning
  • access to the tools, new ideas and styles that will ensure they have all the means possible to achieve their potential in terms of academic achievement

What is Flexi-schooling?

The responsibility for a child receiving full-time education while he or she is of statutory school age lies with the parent or guardian/carer.

Where a parent/carer educates a child partly at school and partly at home or elsewhere as an expression of parental preference, this is called flexi-schooling.

In November 2007 the DCSF issued “Elective Home Education: Guidelines for Local Authorities” which contained the following paragraph (5.6)

“Flexi-schooling” or “flexible school attendance” is an arrangement between the parent and the school where the child is registered at school and attends the school only part of the time; the rest of the time the child is home educated. This can be a long-term arrangement or a short-term measure for a particular reason. Flexi-schooling is a legal option provided that the Headteacher at the school concerned agrees to the arrangement. The child will be required to follow the National Curriculum whilst at school but not whilst he or she is being educated at home.

There is no statutory curriculum for the home education element of our flexi-schooling arrangement. However we share individual plans for learning on a half-termly basis to promote opportunities for continuity of learning at home. Individual Learning Plans form the key to a successful relationship between the school, pupils and parents. It is important that these are reviewed on a regular half-termly basis, with clear goals, agreed by parents.

If you would like to find out more about Flexischooling, please see our policy below and arrange to meet with the Headteacher: Kathryn Carter to discuss a specific program to best suit your child.