Wedding - KS1

Miss Ferguson was getting married and we were all excited. To squeeze as much learning as possible out of this happy occasion, we decided to have our very own weddings in Class One. Based on the story, 'The Scarecrows' Wedding', we had two distinct ceremonies.
One took place at St Levan Church and gave us the chance to learn more about the Christian faith and how weddings have been traditionally celebrated in the past. The sun shone as our friends, families, teachers and chums from Class Two gathered to watch the marriage of Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay. We wrote our own vows, prayer and blessing and incorporated our own choices of songs and readings into the ceremony. Afterwards, we signed the register and cut the cake. The 'professional photographer' was bossy but the confetti was great fun and the cake, delicious!
The second, which took place the next day, celebrated weddings from around the world. We found out about ceremonies from India, to Germany, to Australia, and designed our own 'fusion' wedding inspired by what we'd found out. We even sawed a log (stick!) in half! The morning ceremony was followed by an afternoon of even more cake, speeches and dancing. Musical bumps and statues should become a staple at every wedding. I think Miss Ferguson has got some ideas!