Virtues Project

The Virtues Project

The 'Virtues Project' at St Levan School helps us all to develop good character qualities such as kindness, honesty and creativity in our children. Each fortnight we focus on a virtue which is introduced at the start of the week in assembly; this is followed by a circle-time in the week which allows children to further develop their understanding of good character through role-play, story or activities.  During the week, school staff aim to spot children who are demonstrating this virtue and provide praise or further guidance. " I can see the courage you showed when you ...", " Thank you for your helpfulness when you..." , "What virtue would help in this situation", etc   Instead of focusing on what a child is doing wrong it's really good to let them know when they are doing something right. 
The Virtues Project links to our positive behaviour policy and Golden Rules - when a child needs to change their behaviour we refer them to the virtue they need to develop. As teachers we are trying to highlight the positive and reward and acknowledge children as they strengthen their characters.