The Jolly Postman - Play at Christmas - 2017

The Jolly Postman has a Difficult Day
What an incredible time we had preparing and performing this production! The children developed the entire show themselves with guidance from teachers and were able to include as many wild and wonderful ideas as they wanted. We even had an Olympic 'Bum Shuffling' team this year! Some very famous characters made their way in as well as some entirely new (but equally memorable) ones. 
With Alfie at the helm as 'The Jolly Postman' ('delivering letters 24/7') the children took their audience on a single round in the postie's life. But what a round it was! Transportation to other worlds, curses by witches and a very hectic birthday party! 
Of course it all worked out in the end and there was even a marriage proposal! 
We are so proud of all our children! Without each and every one, the performance would not have been as magical as it was. 
Special mention to our fabulous year sixes in their last production with us. You all took leading roles, played off each other's skills and brought the show to life.
Well done to all our superstars!