Summer Fete

The summer fete is an annual event organised by the 'Friends of St Levan' and is a wonderful opportunity to bring the whole school community together. Usually held on the school playground, beneath a colourful ceiling of much-loved bunting, we gather together to reflect on the year, celebrate our school and eat cake.
As part of our Summer Fete celebrations, the children work in groups on stalls to raise money for the school. Each group are given £5.00 which they invest as part of an enterprise project. The challenge is to 'grow' the £5.00 as much as possible. Each year, we have a range of ideas including snail racing, guess the weight of the cake and DIY Herb Kits. 'Throw a sponge at the teacher' has also proved surprisingly popular! This project enables children to develop relevant skills for the future and promotes team work and managing a budget.