Phonics and Reading

Reading at St Levan


Our aim is to bring language alive for our children so that they develop a life-long love of reading and writing.  While we maintain a clear focus on giving all children the skills to read effectively, we are also committed to inspiring a love of reading in our pupils. Books, stories and poems are shared daily and our teachers make use of a variety of engaging texts across the curriculum. ‘Real’ Books are taken home so that parents can help by listening to, and reading with, their children. At St Levan School our aim is for all our children to become confident readers who engage with, and enjoy, the widest possible range of books and other reading material. We are ‘Gold’ members of the County book service which ensures we have a regular supply of new books and authors to encourage children’s breadth and frequency of reading.


Spoken Language forms an integral part of English teaching and learning but is also evident across the curriculum. The children enjoy role-play and drama activities, culminating in Class Assemblies and our Christmas production at The Acorn Theatre. We also take part in World Nursery Rhyme Week every year to celebrate our love of traditional songs and rhymes.


Reading in Choughs Class


At St Levan School we follow the Read Write Inc phonics scheme to teach children to read. Daily phonics sessions begin as soon as children start school. In Choughs class, pupils' Reading and Writing lessons also follow the Read Write Inc scheme to ensure a consistent approach to both reading and spelling. The children really enjoy their phonics lessons and learn best when home and school work together. Please download the Read Write Inc leaflets below for further information.


As well as our phonics books, we also have a collection of story books in Choughs class to develop children's love of reading. We have put a lot of thought into selecting these, approximately 30, core story books for the children to bring home to share. Within our story box there are classic titles, new authors, repetitive and rhyming stories; something for everyone! Each day, we read one of these texts in school. There are multiple copies of each book and children can choose to take one of these home to read with you. The idea is for you to read the book to your child but, if they want to join in, let them. You could take it in turns. We have bought these books with a view to developing children’s language and comprehension skills. They are to be used alongside the Read Write Inc. books which teach children to read.


Reading in Puffins Class


The Puffins' library is full of a wide range of both fiction and non-fiction books from which children can choose. To ensure their reading book is both appropriate and a suitable challenge, the adults read regularly with the children and encourage you to do the same at home. The children spend time in school reading their books to each other and often share reads, writing book reviews and recommendations for friends.


At St Levan, we strive to offer a broad and balanced curriculum and find that a class text is a great way to facilitate this, tying our learning in different subjects together. Each term, we read a book that links closely to our topic and use this as a tool not only in our Reading and English lessons but also in other lessons such as Art and Science.


We celebrate our love of Reading each year by taking part in World Book Day.