Art Auction

St Levan Children Exhibit Alongside Famous Artists!

An exciting evening was had by everyone who attended ‘A Pocket of Penwith’ at St. Levan School on Friday 9th June, as bidder’s chose their masterpiece from the art exhibition and auction. It was a game of guess who and buying based on the amazing quality of the work only, as they were exhibited incognito, signed only on the back. All of the postcard sized artworks were generously donated by local artists, and every child in the school had created a piece.

To the delight of the pupils, their work was mounted and exhibited alongside the likes of Jessica Cooper, Mike Chaikin, Jeremy Annear, Paul Wadsworth, Paul Lwein, and for Elyssa, 7, who expressed “It’s really amazing that my work hung next to John Piper’s at my first art exhibition’. Whilst Amelia, 10, saw her art hung alongside the biggest seller of the night, a piece by Rose Hilton, she had her eye on Amanda Richardson’s, which she managed to place her winning bid on. For Bryher, 6, seeing her work go home with a stranger, was a moment to be proud of.

The children’s work was snapped up by buyers unrelated to them, from as far away as Australia, as bidding had got underway online prior to the evening’s event. Event organiser and Parent Governor Sophia Milligan described the evening as “A real testament to the creative approach to learning that the school provides. With such a rich history of art and the wealth of talented artists in our community, this event enabled the pupils to experience a business side of the visual arts. Initially some of the children felt uncertainty at not being able to take their artwork home, but this was soon followed by immense pride in their achievement.’

An incredible total of over £2750 was raised by the Friends of St.Levan school, and this will be going directly back towards supporting the creative learning of the pupils of St. Levan School.